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Boi Boisen at the ChiroHouse

Boi Boisen at the ChiroHouse

Veröffentlicht am 12. November 2020 | Allgemein Team



Three words have a special meaning at Chirohouse: innovative therapy, health and exercise. Our therapists explain why they are so important and at the same time give an insight into the concept of the Chirohouse.

Boi Boisen // Sports therapist

„Innovation Therapy “: On the one side a science based detailed analysis of complex anatomical structures and biomechanical functions. On the other side the vast multidisciplinary treatment options. The key component being the active involvement of the patient in every step of the process.

„Health “: Health is a state of mental, psychological and physical balance and stability.

„Movement “: If inactivity is considered the opposite of health then movement is the core essence of life.