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Acute treatment, prevention, training: Three steps to lasting health


Often malpositions of the joints or fixations of the spine are long term problems that result in pain and tense muscles. Chiropractors feel compressed nerves and can restore the free flow of information between your nervous system and your organs with short, fast impulses, releasing tension and realigning your body. Chiropractic is an effective and safe treatment and therefore suitable for infants, toddlers and adults. Our team combines chiropractic with sports therapy and massage in all stages of treatment. The aim of our multi-stage therapy is to eliminate the acute causes of pain and support the functional self-healing of the body so that illnesses do not develop in the first place.

Effective, preventive, sustainable: our expert knowledge for your long-term health.

The three pillars

In the acute phase, the chiropractor treats the cause of pain, minimizes discomfort and restores mobility in the joints and nervous system. In the prevention phase, the team activates the muscles, releases tension and stabilizes posture. The training phase then restores and improves the function of the musculoskeletal system and strengthens all of the structures.


Effective and beneficial: Chiropractic dissolves joint blockages and promotes self-healing

Inga Gossow Chiropraktorin Chirohouse Berlin


Anticipatory and preventive: muscle activation for lasting health

Training mit Frank Kraft at ChiroHouse


Active and encouraging: back to movement through innovative

ChiroHouse Stretch Training with Mandi Orozco

Special fields of expertise

We offer a broad spectrum of treatments so we can help you in the most effective way possible. This includes special therapies for pregnant women, newborns, children and professional athletes.

Mother and child

Gentle and painless: with special chiropractic treatment for a successful start to life together

Chiropractic ChiroHouse Marte

Professional athletes

Professional and tailor-made: Experts offer all-around care for competitive athletes

Boi Boisen Training Rezeption mit Personal ChiroHouse Berlin-Mitte Steinstraße 3