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Effective and beneficial: Chiropractic frees the nervous system and promotes self-healing.


Back and neck pain, headaches and tennis elbow: Our chiropractors use short, targeted impulses to loosen joint blockages, fixations of the spine and disturbances in the nervous system. This relaxes muscles and enables the free exchange of information between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. The parallel preventive treatment ensures that your body learns correct movement and form, preventing further chronic pain. Our team at ChiroHouse always treats you with the highest level of care using the latest methods and scientific knowledge. Unlike chirotherapists, our chiropractors have all studied for four to six years at universities or private schools and our accredited training is based on uniform international standards. In many other European countries, chiropractic has been recognised as an independent healing profession, however this is not yet the case in Germany.

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Every body, and therefore every injury, is unique. We know that every case is different so all of our therapies are personally tailored. Our goal is always fine-tuned to you and your situation: the next tournament for professional athletes or uncomplicated breastfeeding for new mothers.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Neck pain

Stress, not exercising enough or working on a computer too much can cause sudden neck pain. This one-sided stress causes misalignments in the joints and tension in the muscles. The body often tries to compensate for this misalignment, many times in doing so, creating a different kind of pain. We can treat this by repositioning your head and neck to the physiologically optimal position, eliminating muscle tension.

Back pain is a common problem often caused by uneven strain or a lack of exercise. Bad posture or over-rotation of the upper body can lead to blockages in the spine or ribs and tension in the back muscles. Often the body will naturally want to compensate for the incorrect posture by making adjustments, but this can lead to a sudden restriction of mobility. To exclude serious causes such as an acute herniated disc, it's important to have a precise diagnosis by a professional.

Arthrosis, also known as joint degeneration, most commonly occurs in knees, hips, shoulders, fingers and the spine. If a joint is not correctly aligned in the socket, the cartilage can become severely damaged. It can become softer, the cells start to die and cracks can appear. If arthrosis progresses, the joint becomes inflamed and swells, bone spurs form and the joint space narrows. If the problem is not solved, the joint becomes increasingly stiff and painful.

Headaches can come from incorrect posture, pain in other parts of the body or asymmetries in the jaw. It is important for experts to rule out serious causes and differentiate between different types of headaches. Chiropractors treat fasciae, muscles, joints and nerves. Our goal is to dissolve the causal tension in the body.

Tennis elbow is caused by mechanically overstraining your hand and finger muscles. As a result, complex mechanical strains and pain occur on the outside of the elbow and radiate into the forearm. Chiropractors can help by eliminating the deformities and relaxing the muscles between your wrist and elbow. In addition to working with a chiropractor, patients should also refrain from further stressing the joints and muscles in the arm and wrist.

Pregnancy changes the posture, the spine, the pelvis and all of the ligaments in the expecting mother. This can often lead to back and pelvic pain, pregnancy sciatica or symphysis pubis pain. Our chiropractors work to release blockages, relieve pain and help bring your child into the correct birthing position. After the birth, we offer careful help for children with incorrect posture or motor developmental delays from their first day of life.

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