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Stretching therapist

Naturopath, nutritionist, psychologist, acrobat, triathlete, professional circus artist


Professional circus artist


Mandi is a professional healing practitioner and a professional circus artist. She trained and danced at a world-class National Circus school in Montreal, Canada. Her training came to an end in 2010. Following this, she has landed many leading roles in Cirque du Soleil and gathered over 10 years’ experience as a circus performer all over the world. In addition to this she completed a bachelor’s degree of psychology in 2020.

The alternative practitioner has lived in Berlin for eight years. As a professional circus artist and athlete, Mandi specialises in aerial acrobatics and contortion. Her work focuses specifically on bringing together her expertise in acrobatics, stretching, running, triathlon, nutrition, psychology and sound healing – offering each client a unique, individually tailored treatment. In addition to professional athletes, Mandi also treats people recovering from injuries or those who would like to expand their range of motion, function and flexibility in everyday life. 


  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Chameleon Theatre
  • Palazzo Dinner Show
Everyone is unique and needs unique treatment. I help people to find their own uniqueness.

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