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Joan Montserrat

Chiropractor and founder of the practice Montserrat and Berlin Movement Lab

Doctor of Chiropractic

I speak German, English, Spanish, French, Réunion Creole and, of course, I understand your body language. I am a chiropractor and the founder of the Montserrat practice and the Berlin Movement Lab.

I am an internationally certified sports chiropractor and certified KinesioTaping expert. I have a master's degree in neurosciences and a doctorate in chiropractic medicine, with a specialization in sports injuries and musculoskeletal injuries.

Before I founded the Montserrat practice and the Berlin Movement Lab, I worked all around the world in different clinics in Vietnam, Spain, Canada and Mali among others. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best therapists around the world, which has given me the needed skills to work with high-performance athletes and well-known musicians and performers.

Some highlights include working with Cirque du Solei artists, professional ice hockey players, players from both the German National Football and Basketball League and a number of athletes preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio. Since 2017, I have also been a member of the medical team for the German Ju-Jitsu national team.

References from artistry, music, sports

Some of the other projects and people I have worked with in the last years include:

Artistry and music:
- Videoprojekt mit Coldplay
- Bands auf Tour: Bob Dylan, Joe Bonamassa
- Eike von Stuckenbrok
- Offizieller Partner des Chamäleon Theater Berlin
- Vorbereitung der Tour mit «The Flying Steps» für die Show Flying Illusion

- Part of the medical team of the German Ju-Jitsu national team (2017)
- Chiropractor for the Hannover Indians (hockey)
- Chiropractor for the Hannover Scorpions (hockey)
- Ju-Jitsu German Open - September 2016
- Ju-Jitsu World Championships U21 in Madrid (March, 2016)
- Ju-Jitsu World Championships in Bangkok (November, 2015)
- Ju-Jitsu World Championships U15 / Balkan Open (October, 2015) (Bosnia)


My philosophy is that everyone should know and understand their illnesses, injuries, and the origin of their pain in order to be able to actively combat it. To get the best results, the therapist and the patient must work together towards the same goal.

Joan Montserrat is member

Therapy area in the ChiroHouse