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Marte Hetlevik

Chiropractor here at ChiroHouse

Marte Hetlevik

My name is Marte Hetlevik, and I am a chiropractor here at ChiroHouse. I come from Oslo, Norway, and I am fluent in Norwegian, English and German, and I understand Swedish and Danish. I studied a full-time 5-year Master’s programme at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) and graduated with merit in 2017. In addition to working here in Holzmarkt, I am undergoing a part-time postgraduate Master’s programme in Paediatric Muskuloskeletal Health and plan on finishing this in May 2019.

Although I enjoy treating people from all walks of life, my motivation to study chiropractic was always to continue my studies to specialise in working with children and pregnant women. I believe that giving children a healthy and optimal start in life will allow them the opportunity to happy and healthy life.

During and after my studies at the AECC I attended several seminars including Muskuloskeletal Health of the Neonate, Muskuloskeletal Health of the Infant and Toddler, Growth, Development and Nutrition and Evidence Based Clinical Practice.

At the AECC I was part of the Newborn Feeding Clinic and worked alongside midwives to help mothers who struggled to breastfeed. In the long term, my goal is to achieve something similar here in Berlin.

Marte Hetlevik specializes in the treatment of pregnant women, babies and children